LYON, SUNDAY NOVEMBRE 13, 2005 [around 1:30 pm]:
— Would you be interested in coming back to work in Lebanon?
— Yes and no. My wife would be thrilled, but for me, well it depends…what sorts of projects do you have in mind, with whom and where exactly?

ROANNE, SUNDAY NOVEMBRE 13, 2005 [around 10 pm]:
— We can work on many projects. We trust you.
— Since you’re in, then count me in.

« Little did we know that Burgundy would be coming to life that day. »

BEIRUT, DECEMBER 23, 2008: First meeting with the architects. Burgundy: a bar and a wine cellar. A real tribute to the French wines and above all to the Burgundy wines. A venue designed with a great emphasis on detail. Working closely with the architect and the contractor, we watched, with Karl Asseily,the project evolve up-to-the-minute.

The kitchen and especially the infrastructure meet the highest standards and requirements of Michelin-starred chefs. The Molteni set up in the basement is the barely visible tip of the iceberg.

Metal, wood and concrete set the mood in the modernistic dining hall, designed in a pure and refined style. The result: a contrast of modernity and authenticity. A "rawness" bearing a soul.The entrance makes room for wine advice and sale. Then, in a stylish and laid-back environment, we have the pleasure of welcoming a clientele seeking some pleasure, provocation, knowledge and superiority.

If the culinary "tasting" menu works wonders through a real level of mastery demonstrated by Chef Youssef Akiki and his crew, the "wine and meal" pairing is a true firework igniter, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere. Luxury was a must, only expressed in its most difficult form: simplicity and I could not help but point out the resemblance with La Tâche.
Burgundy : We start where others stop.